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As Miss America 2002, Katie was able to spotlight Comprehensive Breast Cancer Care as her personal platform. During her national tour, she crossed the nation 20,000 miles each month,  converging with patients, medical professionals, health care advocacy groups, pharmaceutical manufacturers, legislators, businesses, students, media entities, and many more.

Katie's "True Beauty" platform today is an arm of her work in the fields of Breast Cancer and Comprehensive Cancer Care advocacy, broadened to include Women's Heath and Wholeness, continuing to fuse research with anecdotal evidence to nurture women of all ages in making their health and wholeness a priority.



After becoming a mother and struggling with identity and societal pressures to conform to certain beauty standards, Katie also made it a personal mission to demystify the concept of beauty and illuminate beauty’s true purpose. From this quest, “True Beauty” was formed – Katie’s encouraging, informative, empowering, and transformational speaking series for women’s groups

of all ages.


In support of ongoing efforts to create change in beauty industry safety standards, as well as promote a holistic approach to clean beauty and safer skincare, Katie is proud to use, wear and promote Beautycounter, a company paving the way for transparent, better beauty.

True Beauty

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Knowing the power of the public’s perception of beauty all too well from living under the scrutiny of being Miss America 2002 and a professional singer, as well as the private pain of not feeling "enough" as a wife, mother and friend, Katie decided to face social pressures to adhere to certain beauty ideals head-on. After the birth of her first child, Katie began a personal quest to uncover the truth about beauty because she no longer wanted to feel trapped by insecurities… the same insecurities faced by every woman. She made it a personal mission to demystify the concepts of beauty and illuminate beauty’s true purpose in her own life. From this quest, “True Beauty” was formed – a platform for an encouraging, informative, empowering, and transformational conversation with women of all ages.


Armed with over a decade of experience as a respected and acclaimed speaker, and a deep commitment to encourage others to join her in uncovering truth about beauty from a Biblical perspective, Katie has developed an enriching presentation that helps women understand, once-and-for-all, beauty’s unique stamp on each person’s life. She illuminates mystifying elements of outer-beauty and brings truth to clichés about inner-beauty with key concepts, surprising educational insight straight from the Bible, funny and deeply moving personal experiences, as well as the positive guidance of women throughout history that tapped into the very same quest. Women walk away from her presentation inspired, uplifted and empowered; demonstrating beauty’s true purpose.

"It was an honor to have Katie as our keynote speaker!

We were all greatly touched by her message."

- Tina Penman, Junior League of Portland


"Katie's inspirational message was so charmingly delivered!

I felt especially blessed and energized by what she had to say because

I have been ‘stuck’ in the ordinariness of life and my soul really

needed what she provided.

She put God's heartbeat back into my ear."

- Tanya, Diamond Tea Attendee


"Katie was indeed a complement to our program!

She is a confident, energetic speaker with a passion for the issues she presents.

Our group greatly enjoyed her sweet, honorable presence

and well-prepared presentation."

- Flying Physicians Association


Katie offers "True Beauty" in a variety of formats for groups of all sizes. She is available for lectures, seminars and conferences for faith-based women’s groups, teen’s groups, and marriage workshops, in addition to charitable organizations, corporate events and media. Please reach out to regarding booking inquiries.

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Katie remains an active voice for Women’s Health, as a celebrity ambassador for Providence Cancer Center, a member of the Honorary Board of Volunteers in Medicine, and a member of the Cancer Advisory Committee for Sky Lakes Medical Center. From 2001-2008 she also proudly served on the National Board of Directors for the Breast Cancer Network of Strength, and since 2003, she has also been the voice and face of Portland Rescue Mission’s annual campaigns to garner aid, rehabilitation, and restoration for homeless men, women and children in the Greater Portland, Oregon Metro Area.

Her work as a Breast Cancer advocate has been featured by numerous media outlets, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN with Paula Zahn, Late Night with David Letterman, People Magazine and The Washington Post, and she has also honored by Fox Chase Cancer Center, University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center, Metcalf Institute of Radiation Oncology, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and the Cancer Research Foundation of America.

Bridging her concerns for women’s health and wholeness, Katie has also joined safer-beauty cosmetics company Beautycounter in the fight to reform the American beauty industry’s chemical, manufacturing and safety standards. Discover more about Beautycounter's mission by clicking "Learn more" in the slidebar above. 

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