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Closet Foraging: Jeans, meet white tee

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Just like our lil' bushy-tailed forest friends, closet foraging entails stocking up on the basics: those classic items that can center an outfit faster than you can say, "Grab that acorn!"

Exhibit A: The Vintage Perfect Jean and Vintage Perfect Tee duo from Madewell

The key to a successful closet forage is layers.

Let's face it, we're all busy, especially as life ebbs back after pandemic lockdown. Even though we all swore to only wear soft pants for all eternity, the jeans in the back of our closets beckoned once we returned to life outside our living rooms.

Joyful dressing isn't stressful, even if we are running from one activity to the next... or between seasons. Building an outfit with layers is key to retaining joy and personal flair. Let's explore a few examples from my own foraging, using a classic pair of mid-blue lightly distressed denim and a simple white tee, both from Madewell.

Jackets aren't the only thing to throw on in a pinch!

While a blazer is certainly a go-to for an elevated classic look with jeans and a tee (mine is an old double-breasted ASOS tuxedo jacket), don't underestimate the versatility of an artfully draped sweater in a fun print or color, as well as a dress... YES! A dress, especially a housecoat like this staple piece from BURU can be a playful topper. Bonus: extra pockets! (Matching turban optional)

You can make jeans and a tee into partywear.

A bit of sheer alludes to nighttime elegance, making it the perfect addition to spice up a jeans + tee combo. Also, heels in a pop of color, a tweed blazer and quilted handbag are a French cool-girl approach that is always head-turning.

The most important layer is CONFIDENCE! When you strut your stuff in the knowledge that you feel great in whatever you're wearing, that is truly the ideal finishing touch. Forage without fear!

All images by Kelly Armijo of Armijo Designs

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