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Top 7 Gift-Giving Tips from Prize Shoppe's Jennifer Streit

With less than a fortnight before Santa's sleigh lands with a clatter, are you in the category of people (like moi) still scrambling for just-the-right-gift?! Never fear! Jennifer Streit, the brilliant creative mind behind boutique gem Prize Shoppe shared her gifting wisdom during our recent interview... and it's as if she's waved a magic wand to POOF! replace your gifting woes with peace and joy. Read on for inspiration!

TIP #1

According to Jennifer, if you're stumped by what to give someone on your list, consider two things that you know well about that person. Let those two guiding factors influence what you choose. For example, your college-age fashionista niece who loves coffee? A Chanel-inspired mug and matching tea towel, check!

TIP #2

Elevated essentials are always a thoughtful gift. Jennifer especially loves giving elevated essentials to that person on your list who admires the finer things but wouldn't always consider buying it for themselves. Think fancy toothpaste, shave cream or cashmere socks. Simple everyday items can feel lux when beautifully packaged and created with design in mind!

TIP #3

When grouping objects, use a practical receptacle to double as the wrapping, with the finishing touch being a lovely ribbon and tag. Jennifer says, "My fallback is a beautiful pouch filled with a few things that reflects the the person, or one of these colorful collapsible crates."

TIP #4

Decision fatigue can often lead to the thinking that "more smaller items" in a grouping would be less risky than one item. Keep in mind that several smaller gifts aren't necessarily the better value. Consider one classic piece of jewelry instead. If you're keeping the recipient's two identifying factors in mind (as well as your desired budget) you can find an ideal piece that will be worn for years to come. As Jennifer says, "One good thing will always be appreciated."

TIP #5

Locally sourced food items and a complimentary utensil or serving item make the perfect go-to gift to for a party host! Not only are you supporting local makers but you're thoughtfully celebrating what makes your local area, or your host's local area, unique. Curious what Jennifer is bringing to her next holiday party? "I love giving French knife sets with a hunk of Rogue Creamery cheese or Jacobsen sea salt!"

TIP #6

Now, how about the person on your list who has everything? "Vintage books!" exclaims Jennifer, "Or these fantastic animal mugs. I know it's weird, but we get very good reports that it is a huge hit as a gift. It makes people smile. It's on their counter for pouring cream in coffee, or some people have it in their bar carts for mixers."

TIP #7

Penny pinching never precludes giving with style! Jennifer's two suggestions for thoughtful gestures on a budget include a beautifully designed card with a heartfelt message, or an artfully grouped package of candy - always a fan favorite at Prize!

To inquire after pricing for any of the items shown, be sure to give Jennifer and her friendly staff a phone call or fill out an inquiry on Prize Shoppe's website and they will package and ship your chosen goodies anywhere you desire! Trust me when I say that your shopping and giving experience will be enriched by the personal interaction you'll have and the love and attention Prize Shoppe pours into every gift.

Connection is truly one of the greatest gifts any of us could ever receive! And as you wrap and check off your to-do list, don't forget that thoughtfulness is always in style and kindness never costs a cent!


Images by the supremely talented Kelly Armijo of ArmijoDesigns

Wearing Shop Buru vegan leather skirt with old Zara sweater and J.Crew pumps

(in true #closetforaging style!) - All makeup by Beautycounter

Happy Gift-Giving!

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