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Collaboration between creative women
elevates the whole of society.

In 2017, Katie Harman began a search for the works and stories of hidden female composers. As she scaled mountains of research - all while heavily pursuing her own professional journey as a musician - she noticed patterns of struggle among female creatives throughout history and across genres. The stories of secret (and some not-so-secret) societies that emerged from shared struggle was a lightening rod, and Katie wondered: does a platform exist to draw modern creatives together to network and foster collaboration, furthering purpose-driven work across creative industry?

Thus Virtuosa Society was launched in 2023, with a robust membership platform and intriguing podcast.

Virtuosa Society is an innovative membership-based collective of female creatives across genres and levels of experience. Purpose-driven networking between creatives, access to collaborative opportunities
, and awareness + celebration of important female creators from throughout history serve as the three mission pillars of Virtuosa Society.

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